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IBM Computer at L.M. Berry Company

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L.M.Berry Company

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Dayton, OH, US

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Other number #1292 Verso pencil


10 x 8 in.


This is a black and white image of a woman at a display terminal. She is surrounded with yellow page books. In the background is the back of another person and desks, etc. Verso: Paper insert: " COMPUTER HELPING FINGES WALK THROUGH YELLOW PAGES Dayton, Ohio...
An IBM computer is being used here at the L.M. Berry Company to help update and modify telephone directories.
The company is responsible for producing -- and in some cases distributing-- one out of four directories published in the United States and Canada.
Using a TV-like computer terminal, like the one operated here by Carol Grier, corrections, changes, or new insertions are typed into the system, visually verified, and then transmitted directly into the computer.
The process not only speeds the job of producing directories, but eliminates the multiple-- step manual operation and resultant source for transcribing errors.
Contact: Jack Deddens (513) 296- 2098



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