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Jacquard Loom Salesman model

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Still Image

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Other number #1518 Verso: pencil
Other number 240 Verso: white paper sticker ink


overall: 10 in x 5 1/2 in


Black and white drawing . Model of Jacquard loom with a man seated controlling the loom. There are letters beside different parts. At the bottom of image: "The Jacquare loom, controlled bay a chain of perforated cards, was a milestone in the development of carpet production, model was in use in 1877.
Verso: White paper label:{" Jacquard Loom Joseph-Marie Jacquard Pictured is a rare salesman's model of a Jacquard loom. The Jacquard Loom is the predecessor of modern punch-card computers. The punched cards carried instructions that controlled the weaving of intricate patterns. (5) Return to the Computer Museum. 300 Congress street, Boston 02210, Atten: Archives".

Another label contained same information as the above with The Computer Museum Logo and address.



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