Artifact Details


Gas thyratron type GL-5855

Catalog Number



Physical object


ca. 1955


General Electric

Place Manufactured

U. S.

Identifying Numbers

Model number GL-5855 Printed in white ink around the glass envelope.
Other number 1-150 PSR50 V105-2 Handwritten vertically in brown ink on the glass envelope.
Other number 1065 Stamped in dark ink on the glass envelope.
Other number 4-04 188-6 Printed in two lines in white ink around the glass envelope.
Other number EE26 Handwritten in green ink around the glass envelope toward the filament end.


11 1/4 in x 3 3/8 in x 3 3/4 in


This object is a xenon gas thyratron rated at 1500 PIV, 18 A average, 160 A peak. One end has two heavy lugs with a (0.5 x 0.75) inch oblong hole for the filament connections. The filament consists of a metal cylindrical container with two leads (connected together) entering the center of the base and the other lead connected to the outside of the cylinder. The plate connection is at the other end of the glass envelope and consists of a metal cylinder recessed into the tube and from which the plate lead with a 0.375 inch hole extends. The three leads are made of flat metal and are approximately 0.875 in wide. The grid is also a metal cylinder approximately the same diameter as the glass envelope and about an inch wide, and is separated a short distance from the plate and insulated from it by a glass ring. The connection to the grid is made via a small lug welded to this cylinder. The grid itself is a circular metal plate centered within the cylinder and has slits cut in the space between the filament and plate. A single getter is attached to the lower end of the filament cylinder.


Component/vacuum tube