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1969; 1976-1981


Helmers, Carl T., Jr.


Ohio Scientific Instruments; Base 2 Inc.; Basic Business Software Company Inc.; Battelle Memorial Institute; Buro- und Datentechnik GMBH; Beckman Instruments, Inc.; Bell & Howell Schools; Benson-Varian; Binary System, Inc.; Bishop Graphics, Inc.; Business Information Technology, Inc. (BIT); Bits Inc.; Burr-Brown Research Corporation; Burroughs Corporation; BYTE Publications, Inc.


Includes material from or about the following companies: Baker & Taylor Co.; Baker Computing; Ballard Supply Corp.; Ballen Booksellers; Bally Manufacturing Corp.; Bambino Inc.; Barclay Industries; Barefoot Computer Co.; Barmmer Elliott Inc.; Barnes & Noble Bookstores; Barnes Electronics; Barney & Associates; Barnum & Scrivener Circuits; Bartner Computer Co; Base 2 Inc.; BASF Systems; Basic Business Computers; Basic Business Software; Basic Business Systems; Basic Computer Shop; Basic/Four Corp.; Basic-K Computer Services; Basic Systems; Basic Systems Corp.; Basic Time; Basically Speaking; Bastion Business Consultants; Batman Co.; Battelle Memorial Institute; Baxter’s TV; Bay Area Atari Users Group; Bay Company Books; Bayshore Books; BBM Systems; BDM Corp.; BDS Computer Corp.; BDT (Buro-Und Datentechnik GMBH); Beaumarc; Beckman Instruments Inc.; Becton Dickinson; Beehive International; BEI Electronics Inc.; Belemich, Dan; Bell & Howell Schools; Bellaire Electronic Supply; Belshaw Systems; Bemis Co.; Benchmark Computing; Benchmark Systems; Bender Publications Inc.; Benson-Varian; Bentley Barnes, Lynn; Benwill Publishing Corp.; Benwill Publishing; Berg Publications; Bergen Brunswig; Bergis Associates; Berkeley Data Base Associates; Berkeley Enterprises Inc.; Berkeley Medical Data Associates Inc.; Berkeley Microcomputer; Best Data Systems; Beta Business Systems; Bevis Custom Table Inc.; BI Inc.; Bia-Wood Resources; Big Rapids Distribution; Billing Computer Corp.; Binary Orchard Inc.; Binary Systems; Biofeedback Center of California; Biomation; Biotech Electronics; Bishop Graphics Inc.; Bistable Systems; BIT Inc.; Bit Barn; Bit Shop, Studer Electronic; Bits & Bytes Computer Store; Bits, Bytes and Micros; Bits, Bytes & Pieces; Bits ‘n Bytes; BITS Inc.; Bitronics; Biz Comp; Black Associates of Data Processing Professionals; Blackwell North America; Blake Associates; Blastmasters; BLM Systems Inc.; Bloomington-Normal Comp.; Blue Lakes Computing; Blue Sky Products; Bluff City Electronics; Bo-Sherrel Co.; Board Byters; Bob Smith Electronics; Bob Toxen Computer Systems; Boeing Computer Services Co. (BCS); Bohle Co.; Boise Cascade; Boles & Co. Inc.; Bollmann, David A.; Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc.; Bonfield Associates Inc.; Book Corner; Book Market; Book Marketing Inc.; Book Nook Too; Bookazine; Bookhouse; Bookpeople; Bootstrap Computer Store (24th Street Component Shop); Bootstrap Enterprises Inc.; Borani International; Boston Systems Office; Boston Technical Inc.; The Bottom Shelf Inc.; Boulder Creek Systems; Bowmar Instrument Corp.; Boyle Associates; BPI Inc.; BR Distributors; Robert J. Brady Co.; Milton Bradley; Braegen Corp.; Brag Microcomputer; Braham Diversions; Brain Bank; Brandywine (Osborne Computer Corp.); Brenmark; Bridgeport Computer; Brielle Radio; Briggs Computer Services; Harry H. Briley; British Information Services; Britton-Lee Inc.; Bro-Dart; Broadband Technologies; Broadcaster; L. J. Broder Enterprises Inc.; Broderbund Software; Broderick & Associates; Brooks/Cole Publishing Co.; Brown Dog Engineering; Browne Corp.; Bruce Brough Associates; Bruce Electronics; R. E. Bruninga; Brynn Corp.; Buckley-Boris Association; Bullet Electronics; Bulls Head Book Shop; Bulova Watch Co.; Burkeshire Systems; Frank Burkhard Co.; Burr-Brown; Burroughs Corp.; Burroughs Word Processing Systems; Burson-Marsteller; Burtis Instruments Sales; Burtronix; Buscom Systems Inc.; David Bush Jr. Photographers; Business & Institutional Furniture Co.; Business Associates Inc.; Business Automation Inc.; Business Computer Management; Business Computer Sales; Business Computing Press; Business Data Corp.; Business Language; Business Microproducts; Business Microsystems; Business Resource Service; Business Solutions Inc.; Buss; Butcher Block Basics; Butler Precision Belting Corp.; Buyer’s Guide / Micro Software; Byt by Byte; Byte Inc. (Byte Shops); Byte Industries Inc.; Byte Publications Inc.; Byte Shop; Byte’Tronics.


Article; Correspondence; Promotional Material; Financial Records; Legal document; Manual

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Jim C. Warren papers

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Computer Faire: Exhibitors


Gift of Jim Warren

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