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Transmeta Crusoe TM5800 microprocessor

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Transmeta Corporation

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Other number 0234 On the top of the object.
Other number 100532 On the top of the object.
Other number 301140 On the top of the object.
Other number 5800C08671 On the top of the object.
Other number DC9731.00 On the top of the object.


overall: 1/8 in x 1 1/4 in x 1 in


Transmeta microprocessors were based on a VLIW core using a ‘virtual machine’ (known as the Code Morphing System) to translate external instructions into internal byte codes. The architecture most often hosted on the Crusoe was the Intel “x86” instruction set architecture, used in nearly all computers and servers today. The idea behind Transmeta, founded in 1995, was that the simplified hardware of their microprocessors would result in lower power consumption, making them well suited to mobile devices. The company had some initial customers (such as Sony, Toshiba and NEC) but soon Intel began competing seriously, releasing low-power x86 microprocessors and severely undercutting sales of Crusoe. The chip also suffered from production problems and, in 2009 the company closed and sold off its patent portfolio.


Gift of April Tse

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