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Commodore PET with Katakana keyboard

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Model number 2001-8B Printed on label on back
Serial number 0316557 Printed on label on back


overall: 16 in x 17 in x 19 in


This PC has a metal enclosure with slightly sloping sides, and a slanted front that has an alphabetic keyboard in the center, a numeric keyboard on the right, and a cassette drive on the left. The keyboard is a grid of square keys (so keys are lined up vertically). The keycaps are a non-standard QWERTY arrangement, with Katakana characters and graphics characters above each. The shift, space and return keys are red, and there are blue "OFF RVS" and "RUN STOP keys".
The number keyboard has red "CLR HOME" and INST DEL" keys, and blue cursor up/down and left/right keys above the numbers. The number keys have a slight gold sheen, and all the other keys have silver caps.
Above the slanted front the Commodore logo, and the words "Commodore", "professional computer" and "2001 series" are printed.
There is a trapezoidal enclosure with a black bezel surrounding a 9 inch CRT affixed to the top.
There is a 4 inch edge connector on the rear right side, and a 1 inch, a 2 inch, and another 2 inch edge connector on the rear. The on/off switch, fuse holder, and AC cord are also located in the rear.


Digital computer/personal computer/desktop


Gift of Frank Gurnee

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