DEC PDP-1 Collection

DEC PDP-1 Collection

The PDP-1 archive contains documents, photos, movies and music relating to Digital Equipment Corporation's groundbreaking PDP-1 computer. The launch of the PDP-1 (Programmed Data Processor-1) computer in 1959 marked a radical shift in the philosophy of computer design: it was the first commercial computer that focused on interaction with the user rather than the efficient use of computer cycles. It was also Digital Equipment Corporation's first computer.

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Crystal Ball from the MIT Electronic Systems Laboratory display console
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Electronic Systems Laboratory
Still Image, 1963 ca.

Spacewar! scorer display 4.8
Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
Text, 1963 ca.

DECUS symbol and PDP-1

Still Image, 1963 ca.

TX-0 computer

Still Image, 1956 ca.

DEC biweekly report - September 16, 1960
Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
Text, 1960-09-16

Ken Olsen announcing the PDP-1 computer at the 1959 Eastern Joint Computer Conference.
Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
Still Image, 1959

Stephen Russell discusses PDP-1 restoration project and his personal history with the PDP-1
Computer History Museum. PDP-1 restoration team
Moving Image, 2005-08-03

PDP-1 final checkout at DEC Mill plant
Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
Still Image, 1961 ca.

Digital: From the Beginning
Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Communication Services
Moving Image, 1989-06-28

LGP-30 with operators
General Precision Systems Inc. Librascope Group
Still Image, 1960 ca.

People working in TX-0 computer room
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Lincoln Laboratory
Still Image, 1962 ca.

Ed Fredkin working on PDP-1
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Still Image, 1960 ca.

MIT TX-0 computer
Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
Still Image, 1956

People working on PDP-1 before shipment
Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
Still Image, 1961 ca.