This Day in History: January 30

      January 2017
Today: September 26, 2017
Douglas Engelbart Born
Douglas Engelbart

January 30, 1925

Douglas Engelbart Born

Doug Engelbart, best known for inventing the mouse, is born. Engelbart publically demonstrated the mouse at a computer conference in 1968, where he also showed off work his group had done in hypermedia and on-screen video teleconferencing. The founder of the Bootstrap Institute, Engelbart has 20 patents to his name. Engelbart died in 2013.

Two New Primes Found with SWAC

January 30, 1952

Two New Primes Found with SWAC

Using the Standards Western Automatic Computer (SWAC), researchers found two new prime numbers the first time they attempted a prime-searching program on the computer. Within the year, three other primes had been found. The National Bureau of Standards funded construction of the SWAC in Los Angeles in 1950 and it ran, in one form or another, until 1967.