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Today: September 30, 2016
Welcome screen after PlayStation Network restoration

May 15, 2011

Sony Begins Restoration of Its PlayStation Network after Cyber Attack

After a malicious cyber attack compromises Sony Computer Entertainment's data center in San Diego, California, the PlayStation Network is shut down on April 20. The ensuing investigation revealed a number of security flaws, and in tandem with outside security firms, Sony implemented a number of upgrades to deter and mitigate future attacks to its network and its customers’ personal information. The Americas, Oceania, Europe and the Middle East were the first regions to regain access to the PlayStation Network, and among other measures, customers were required to reset their passwords upon initially signing in. As more and more personal information is posted online, whether for financial, social, or business transactions, the safekeeping and protection of this data has come to the forefront of Internet consumer concerns.