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Archival Finding Aids

Archival Finding Aids

The Computer History Museum's collection holds many unique collections of unpublished primary source materials. Finding aids describe these collections in detail, providing information about the origin of the collection; a brief biography or historical sketch of the collection creator; information on the arrangement of the collection; a "scope and content note" describing the intellectual content; and a "container list" listing the contents of either folders or boxes within the collection.

Keyword searching across the content of all finding aids and other museum materials is also available through our collections database search. We also post our finding aids on the Online Archive of California (http://www.oac.cdlib.org/). The OAC brings together historical materials from institutions across California allowing a federated subject search across many repositories within the state.


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    Guide to the Harwood G. Kolsky papers
    Computer History Museum
    Text, 1943-1998
    Guide to the Victor W. D. Hale Papers
    Computer History Museum
    Text, 1948-1949
    Guide to the collection of Fairchild Semiconductor employee papers
    Computer History Museum
    Text, 1959-1988
    Guide to the SRI ARC/NIC records
    Computer History Museum
    Text, ca. 1959-2006; bulk 1968-1990
    Guide to the Edmund C. Berkeley Papers
    Computer History Museum
    Text, 1947-1953
    Guide to the Rey Johnson Papers
    Computer History Museum
    Text, 1933-1998
    Guide to the Photo Data Systems Incorporated Records
    Computer History Museum
    Text, 1960-1969
    Guide to the Steve Allen photographs of Fairchild Semiconductor
    Computer History Museum
    Text, 1926-1997
    Guide to the Herbert Stoyan collection on LISP programming
    Computer History Museum
    Text, 1955-2001
    Guide to the Gene M. Amdahl Papers
    Computer History Museum
    Text, 1952-2001
    Guide to the Joyce Worley Katz Video Game Slide Collection
    Computer History Museum
    Text, 1984-1998 ca.
    Guide to the John C. McDonald papers
    Computer History Museum
    Text, 1959-1980
    Guide to the Peter N. Schink papers
    Computer History Museum
    Text, 1961-1996
    Guide to the Don Liddie papers on Signetics
    Computer History Museum
    Text, 1961-2006