Timeline of Computer History

Elektro and Sparko at the 1939 World’s Fair

Elektro at the World's Fair

Built by Westinghouse, the relay-based Elektro robot responds to the rhythm of voice commands and delivers wisecracks pre-recorded on 78 rpm records. It appeared at the World's Fair, and it could move its head and arms… and even "smoked" cigarettes.

Hewlett and Packard in their garage workshop

Hewlett-Packard is founded

David Packard and Bill Hewlett found their company in a Palo Alto, California garage. Their first product, the HP 200A Audio Oscillator, rapidly became a popular piece of test equipment for engineers. Walt Disney Pictures ordered eight of the 200B model to test recording equipment and speaker systems for the 12 specially equipped theatres that showed the movie “Fantasia” in 1940.

Viola Internet hypertext system circa 1989

More than six Online Systems for the Internet

Apple Airport Wi-Fi base station

WiFi Comes Home

Zip Disk with case

Iomega Zip Disk

IBM's 7535

The IBM 7535

1986 booth at West Coast Computer Faire

The Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link (WELL) is founded.