Sony Bets on PlayStation

Madden '99 cover

EA Sports' Madden series of games for the PlayStation line of game consoles was one of the most successful releases for the platform. Actual commentators John Madden and Pat Sumerall provided the play-by-play for this game.

Sony Bets on PlayStation

Electronics giant Sony entered the video game market by partnering with Nintendo to create the Play Station (also called Super Nintendo CD). Their marriage quickly soured, however, sparking a custody battle over the system. Sony won. In 1994 it released the re-named PlayStation, which used disc technology that later became standard for home consoles.

PlayStation sold an astonishing 100 million units in 10 years, siphoning customers from game makers such as SEGA and Nintendo. Franchise deals with professional basketball, football, and baseball leagues led to a distinctive line of sports games, further boosting PlayStation’s audience.

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PlayStation video game

Sony’s entry into the home game console field started as a collaboration with Nintendo. But when Nintendo dropped out of the project, Sony persevered, releasing its PlayStation in 1994 in Japan and 1995 in North America. The PlayStation sold more than 100 million units and led to three successful follow-ons: the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable.

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Gran Turismo 2 PlayStation video game

Racing games have always been popular. Gran Turismo let players choose among hundreds of vehicles and several different tracks. The Gran Turismo series has been a stalwart top-seller for the PlayStation series of consoles.

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Shrek Treasure Hunt PlayStation video game

Video games often inspire movies, but sometimes it’s the other way around. Shrek, the computer-animated hit film from DreamWorks, spawned several video games, including this one for the Sony PlayStation.

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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater PlayStation video game

This skateboarding game featured legendary skater Tony Hawk and other real-life professional skaters. Its soundtrack used songs from popular groups such as the Dead Kennedys, Primus, and Goldfinger.

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Screenshot from Gran Turismo

The Gran Turismo series of racing games was popular on the PlayStation.

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Ready 2 Rumble Boxing PlayStation video game

As fighters in this humorous boxing game battled, they acquired bruises and cuts, adding a touch of graphic realism. The popular game was released for all the major gaming consoles of the time.

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Tomb Raider PlayStation video game

Lara Croft, the heroine of Tomb Raider, may be the most recognizable female character in video games. Released both for the PC and PlayStation, the game inspired two Tomb Raider movies, both starring Angelina Jolie as Miss Croft.

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