Intel Oral History Panel: Gordon Moore and Arthur Rock

Moderated by John Hollar and Doug Fairbairn, on 2014-07-09 in Mountain View, California, X7227.2015

Gordon Moore and Arthur Rock, two of the most storied and well documented icons of Silicon Valley sit down for the first time ever for a joint interview.

Arthur Rock is one of the very first venture capitalists in the US, making investments in the technology industry starting in the early 1950's. He is well known for being the initial investor in Fairchild Semiconductor, Intel, Apple Computer and many other elite Silicon Valley companies. His goal has always been to invest in the best people, focus on building strong companies, and reaping the rewards when successful.

Gordon Moore was originally recruited to work for William Shockley at Shockley Semiconductor. He was one of the "traitorous 8" who left to found Fairchild, and in 1968, he joined Bob Noyce in founding Intel. His long and successful career at Intel, and his formulation of "Moore's Law" has etched Gordon's name deeply in Silicon Valley history.

In this joint interview, Rock shares his remembrances of the early days of venture investing, how he got involved, how he chose companies to back, etc. When Gordon joined the discussion, the focus shifted to their respective roles in founding Fairchild and Intel, how they worked together, and their memories of the early days, and critical decisions around the financing and early days of Intel.

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