Oral History of Peter Cunningham

Interviewed by Burt Grad on 2014-02-07 via telephone in Mountain View, California, and Sanibel, Florida, X7088.2014

Peter Cunningham who was the founder and chief executive of INPUT, a leading market research firm for software and services, describes his education in the UK and his initial positions in the UK and in the US before starting INPUT. He then covers how the firm operated over many years including detailed descriptions of the role that he played as an interpreter of the industry statistics which INPUT collected. Although successful from an industry leadership standpoint INPUT didn't grow much beyond a certain level and because of financial pressures, Cunningham had to completely restructure and refocus the company in the late 1990s. The new focus on gathering and disseminating information on the US federal government purchases of technology was extremely profitable and Cunningham was able to sell the company at a very favorable price before 2010.

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